The prices of our items are the ones indicated next to the item on the website, unless there has been an error on our end. In case your order has incurred a mistake in the price we will contact you straight away informing you the actual price and we'll give you the chance to confirm your order or cancel it and you will have the option to confirm the order with the correct price or cancel it. 

In case we won't be able to get in touch with you within reasonable time, your oder will be cancelled with a complete refund on the amount paid. We will not be obliged to send you the item with the price inferior to what is indicated, even if you have already received the confirmation email.

The prices indicated on the website are in euros and include VAT, and do not include the shipping costs, which will be added to your total amount to be paid as shown in the “SHIPPING" section.

The prices can vary according to the Raptus&Rose policies at any moment. These changes however will not be applicable to orders that have already received their confirmation email.