Raptus&Rose, as it has a spirit of a nomad, every year we organise the Divine Tournée, about ten pop up shops in different Italian cities, thought of in honour of the people that cannot reach the Atelier on the river - which is in Belluno, at the foot of the Dolomites. That however, want to still touch and make theirs one of the Raptus&Rose creations. Exploring the perfumes, the softness of the different textures of the fabrics, and foremost to view the care and details that has gone into creating every Raptus piece..

Raptus&Rose is not merely a tailor shop. It is a space where transformation, research and invention takes place. A space filled with colour and light, full of wonderful fabrics, details of beauty and gentle dresses, of very high tailoring quality. A welcoming space, wherein women- all women- can find their perfect dress, while chatting, dressing and undressing.




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